Tour Reservations

All 2021 tours are self-guided and advanced registration is required. Please carefully read and agree to our 2021 Visitor Guidelines at the bottom of this page before making a reservation. To minimize the number of guests at the sanctuary at any given time (15 max.), visiting slots are limited to one hour. 

Please note, to ensure as many people who want to can visit, we are asking that people do not book multiple visits for the 2021 season. In 2020 we had several people book visits and not show up or give cancellation notice. When people reserve a time but don't come, this takes away the opportunity to visit from people who really want to visit and need to hear our message. If you book a reservation and don't let us know that you need to cancel, you will not be permitted to book another visit in 2021. Please note, to ensure as many people who want to can visit, we are asking that people do not book multiple visits for the 2021 season.

We know these are challenging times for many, but for those who are able to do so, we kindly request that you make a donation ($25 per guest suggested) to support our animal care programs.

How to book your visit:

  • Click on one of the tour times below to reserve your tickets.
  • Please do not book multiple visits. With limited capacity, we would like to ensure as many people who want to visit, can visit.
  • Once completed with the registration form, a new page will appear with the option to make a Donation.
  • If you have any questions, please email


2021 Visiting Guidelines

Please carefully read and agree to the following guidelines before scheduling a 2021 visit:

Masks must be worn by visitors at all times on sanctuary property - no exceptions

  • Please, do not visit if you are/have recently been sick or have been around other sick people or anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last month
  • If you scheduled a visit but then get sick, please postpone your visit and let us know – we will accommodate your visit at a later date if possible
  • Please respect the scheduled time of your visit and manage your time here accordingly:
    • If you arrive early, wait at your car until your check-in time
    • If you arrive late, you’ll still have to leave at your scheduled departure time
    • You must check-in at your scheduled time and check-out before leaving
    • Please be back to your car by the end of your scheduled visit
  • Visitors may not enter our “people barn” facility – this means that we will not have a public bathroom available for visitors so please plan accordingly
  • Please carefully follow all written and posted safety guidelines for each barn/habitat
  • Please do not enter the same barn/area with other visitors who aren’t in your party
  • Please maintain at least 10’ between your party and other visitors/staff at all times
  • If you have been around sick animals (or animals that you suspect may be sick) please do not visit us. We cannot risk exposing our animals and have very strict contagious disease quarantine protocols here
  • If you have farmed animals or equines at home, please do not wear unwashed clothing that could potentially transmit disease to our animal residents and if you must wear the same footwear you use around other farmed animals/equines, please thoroughly bleach/disinfect before visiting
  • Please note, due to the pandemic and related public health concerns, PRS will not be providing food at open house events and ask that visitors refrain from bringing food or eating on sanctuary property
  • If you want to bring fresh (unspoiled) produce to donate to the animals it is greatly appreciated but for the safety of our visitors and animals, all donated food will be collected and fed out by our caregivers only – no feeding of the animals is permitted
  • We have a strict 5mph speed limit at our main sanctuary property to ensure our animals and visitors are safe - please respect this speed limit and drive slowly
  • For the safety of our animal residents, we cannot allow people to bring companion animals to PRS - please respect this rule and leave your furry friends home when visiting

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding and for helping to ensure that our 2021 visiting season is enjoyable and safe for everyone! If you have any questions, please email: