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updated July 23, 2020

Please note: No phone calls or visits, please. We will not process incomplete applications, so please follow directions carefully. Interested applicants must email a current RESUME, a COVER LETTER highlighting your qualifications and detailing why you want to work at PRS, and a REQUIRED APPLICATION (link here) to


Animal Caregiver

Have you worked at an animal shelter, sanctuary, or have veterinary/tech skills or credentials? PRS is looking for an experienced animal caregiver to join our growing team!

Please note, this is a physically demanding job that involves taking care of victims of some of the worst abuse imaginable. Understanding our mission and being dedicated to improving the lives of animals is an essential qualification. Each and every day our residents are counting on our team to provide the highest level of care. This is a serious job and being punctual, trustworthy, and closely following directions is mandatory. The ability to work in all weather conditions, repeatedly lift 50 lb. grain bags and hay bales, and safely work around large animals (especially horses, cows, and pigs) is key. We are looking for people with the knowledge and experience to join our professional team and know, from past working experience, that this is the type of work they want to do long term. People who are just looking to fill time or to try something new out should not apply. While we know many people think of sanctuary work as their “dream job,” often this view is very romanticized. We say this not to discourage those without experience from considering sanctuary work, but to suggest that you consider volunteering or interning at PRS or another reputable sanctuary to see if it is a good fit for you. For this position, we will only consider those with relevant experience. Please read this post in entirety and familiarize yourself with our work BEFORE applying.


Animal Caregivers report directly to the Operations Manager and ensure that all our residents receive the highest level of daily, individualized care and that our facility is cleaned and maintained in a way that respects and preserves this beautiful facility we have been gifted with to do this important work.

DAILY ANIMAL CARE: ensuring animals get the highest quality care each shift, including:

Health Checks – doing overview health checked on animals daily (am/pm) and reporting any issues/concerns to Operations Manager/filling out incident reports; Feeding –follow all feeding schedules/plans; clean all feed bowls before each meal; Watering – ensure fresh water at all times – wash/bleach buckets/troughs regularly/as needed; ensure heated buckets working and/or water is warm/ice-free; Minerals – as directed by Operations Manager, keep proper minerals (only if trained); Special Care & Medical Protocols – as directed by Operations Manager; Appointments – Assisting, if needed, with veterinary/farrier appointments, etc.; Enrichment – as discussed with Operations Manager

DAILY HABITAT MAINTENANCE: keeping habitats clean, safe, and in good condition, including:

Barn Cleaning – clean entire barns (strip or spot clean, depending on condition) with an eye to detail (sweeping/washing gates & half walls/clearing cobwebs, raking); regular checks under stall mats and helping re-condition gravel in barns is required; Pasture/Habitat – waste removal from overhangs (daily) and pastures (regular); Landscaping – at assigned barns (rake out front, water plants, etc.) as well as shelter facility when directed, including mowing, weeding, raking, stick/branch removal, etc.; Tack Spaces – keep tack spaces organized and tidy at all times – no garbage; Trash Removal – remove all trash from areas, including strings/bags/personal, etc.; Equipment/Tool Maintenance – keep equipment/tools in good working order; clean waste off shovels/rakes; keep vehicles clean (inside & out); report all damage promptly

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: ensuring animals get the highest quality care each shift, including:

Team Training – assisting, if needed, with training new staff/interns/volunteers; Supplies – picking up shavings/grain deliveries as requested; Records – assisting, if needed, with keeping detailed animal care records; Animal Intake – setting up quarantine areas; assisting with intake; cleaning trailer; Weekly Work Log – maintaining an accurate weekly time log, due each Monday; Monthly Self-Evaluations – due the first Monday of each month; Staff Meetings – attend all staff meetings; read all materials/notes carefully; Shared Spaces – help keep common spaces clean; clean well on assigned day(s); Self-Sufficiency/Team Building – problem solve when you can; help fellow caregivers; Research – continue learning; keep up to date on all required reading.

If you’ve read all the way to the end, are qualified, and think you would like to join our team, we would love to hear from you!


Whether you need to secure an internship for high school or college credit, or want to design an internship for self-education, we would love to work with you to make this happen.

Internships have a learning criteria created by the potential intern with our director. All internships require working around the animals. Internships usually cover areas including animal care, veterinary protocol, nonprofit management, and humane education, but interns can bring their specifics to us and we can usually make something exciting happen!

Limited housing may also be available for the duration of the internship.

For more information and to complete an application, visit each link below:

Peace Ridge Sanctuary is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of an applicant’s race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, color, gender (including gender identity or expression), pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, physical or mental disability, genetic characteristics, protected medical condition, military status or other classifications that are protected under applicable federal or state anti-discrimination law.