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Want to help care for one of our animals? When you sponsor one of our residents, your donation not only goes towards the food, shelter, and care for that animal, but also towards allowing us to continue reaching out and helping more animals like them. Sponsors make a year-long commitment to their animal and can donate monthly or annually. Our continued success in rescuing animals depends on the generous support from friends like you.

By being a sponsor, you will receive an adoption card with a color photograph of your new friend. You can also enjoy some one-on-one time when you schedule a visit to the sanctuary.

One-time gift sponsorships are also available for our donkeys. Please visit our Shop to learn more.

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Please allow 2-3 weeks to process and receive your new sponsorship package. If this sponsorship is a gift, or if your package is needed by a certain date, please contact us. For rush orders, shipping costs may apply.

NOTE: Automatic payments will be deducted continuously, unless otherwise indicated. You may cancel your sponsorship at any time by contacting us.