Rabbits Available for Adoption

Updated June 1, 2017

Pamola & Stevie

Pamola and her little boyfriend, a black Netherland dwarf fellow named Stevie, are looking for a home where they can remain a loving pair. Pamola was rescued from a hoarding case, and although she did not have the best beginnings, she is friendly, funny and loves her little man! She is the boss in this pairing, but  Stevie is fine with that – he’s a laid back fellow who just wants to remain in a nice quiet environment where he can feel safe, get an occasional pet, and eat some yummy greens! Of course both spayed and neutered.

Bunnies in a bunny huddle

The bunnies in this photo are from two large litters that were abandoned at the sanctuary as kits in 2014. They are all identical and there are ten of them! All are all spayed and neutered. They were in foster care when they were young, so they are accustomed to being handled and are quite friendly and inquisitive.

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