Dogs Available for Adoption

Updated May 20, 2018


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Biggy is a good old lump of a dog who is happy-go-lucky and extremely easy to please. His favorite pastimes are riding in the car, going on walks, and hanging out in basically any capacity, as long as he can be right by your side. He’s a 4-6 year old boy in good health and has had a full medical work up after being long neglected. He likes other dogs who are polite, loves to meet new people, and has been around the block so he’s ready to become a part of a regular family. He’s a pretty trustworthy guy and has been fine with the cats here.


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Lucy is a very well trained, really smart dog who just needs someone to love her. She is the focus of our “community outing” program right now- getting to have some fun walking around busy community centers showing off her focus skills, basic obedience, well rounded people-greeting, and her ability to ignore other dogs while walking. Lucy can be hyper in the wrong kinds of environments. She needs a no-cat household, preferably as the only dog (or with a male dog who is laid back) and people who can give her direction, use positive reinforcement, and take the time to understand her. She comes with as much support as you could ever need, given by a staff who knows her very well. Most likely, she will take up reign on your couch, and you won’t hear a peep unless someone tries to break in.


Pablo is a 4 to 5 year old chihuahua mix. He’s about 8 lbs., okay with cats and other dogs, is house trained and working on basic obedience. We would prefer to place Pablo in a home with adults only as he is sometimes insecure and unsure of things and would benefit from a quiet, consistent home. He loves to snuggle, go for walks, chew his nylabone. He is a nice little companion. He is neutered and ready to go.


Jack is a 3-4 year old 65 pound boy who is playful, loves other dogs of all varieties, and is easy to be around. His DNA confirms that he is quite a mix; Corgi, American bulldog, Baden, Old English Sheepdog, and Canaan dog! He is a little shy upon first meeting him if you are accompanied by a man, but after a moment or so he warms right up and usually invites a good massage. He has a perfect “sit” and a really nice “lay down” which he will do when offered a treat. He is sociable and easy to please. He would make a great family dog for a family with older children or even just an adult home. We suspect he may have been abused- most likely by a man as he is shy and nervous with most of them (although some not at all) yet he tries to make friends when he isn’t the focus of their attention. He currently lives with 4 other dogs and gets along with them exceptionally well. He is house-trained and very devoted to his person.

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