Dogs Available for Adoption

Updated June 14, 2019


Anna is an 8-10 year old spayed lab/hound mix. She has a friendly affectionate personality but she’s had a rough past which can still be felt when you interact with her- she is hand shy just a bit until she knows you won’t hit her. When she first came in we could see that she was not used to being inside a house or living with a consistent schedule. She now loves both- her face lights up when she has her bed fluffed, and she knows when meal time comes- which she gets very enthusiastic about! She is exhibiting some playfulness and can even be a little silly now, which is a nice change from the scared old girl who first came in.

She’s polite, gentle, and very in tune with what is going on around her. She cannot be in a home with too much noise or the hustle and bustle of a very large family- it would be too overwhelming for her. She’s been fine with dogs that we’ve introduced her to here, and could enjoy another older dog potentially, but being alone is fine for her too. She needs a calm environment with soft spoken people who will show her the entirely new world that is waiting for her- one where she can trust, where humans don’t hurt and aren’t scary, and she has her own bed with meals on time- her most favorite things so far.

She is an extremely easy dog to please, as she has had nothing up until now.

Anna is heart worm positive but is on slow kill treatment. She will remain under our supervision (with medical expense associated covered) until she receives her next test. She is on the typical “restricted exercise” protocol. Otherwise Anna is healthy. We will be continuing to treat her and will regroup with the person(s) interested in adopting her when the time comes.

*In order to have a dog like Anna (and we assert this is the truth for most dogs) she must have the commitment of a person who will leash walk her or provide a fence in very good repair. She cannot be allowed loose- she will roam and get lost, plus she is on medical care. We want her to have the comfort and security that she deserves, now that she was lucky enough to find a better shot at life. If you want to live with a loyal companion and share your digs with an older dog- Anna might just be for you!


Jack is a 3-4 year old 65 pound boy who is playful, loves other dogs of all varieties, and is easy to be around. His DNA confirms that he is quite a mix; Corgi, American bulldog, Baden, Old English Sheepdog, and Canaan dog! He is a little shy upon first meeting him if you are accompanied by a man, but after a moment or so he warms right up and usually invites a good massage. He has a perfect “sit” and a really nice “lay down” which he will do when offered a treat. He is sociable and easy to please. He would make a great family dog for a family with older children or even just an adult home. We suspect he may have been abused- most likely by a man as he is shy and nervous with most of them (although some not at all) yet he tries to make friends when he isn’t the focus of their attention. He currently lives with 4 other dogs and gets along with them exceptionally well. He is house-trained and very devoted to his person.

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